- Speech and Language Plus

Often when I am in a therapy group we come across words we do not know when reading stories. Many kids working on language skills need to work on improving their vocabularies, so this happens more often than not. Typically, the group discusses the word and many times we can figure it out with context clues or using prior knowledge, but there are those time we are just not 100% sure of the definition or we don’t have a clear picture in our head of the word. Often I will search the web to show images and read up on these words/topics with the kids. I have to say; sometimes I am worried of what will show up in a Google search when working with youngsters! I have had to search with the computer screen away from them on many instances and then showed images once I find them just to be safe. You know, better safe than sorry! Have you ever wanted to teach vocabulary to your student/child using a Google image search and felt this way? One of the tech savvy teachers at my school introduced me to This is a child friendly search engine similar to Google, but made for kids!

SLPs, I highly recommend you giving it a try when working with your speech and language students. Teachers and parents try it too with your class or at home with your children!