Cheap Card Decks - Speech and Language Plus

We are sharing what we heard to be a great inexpensive tool that was emailed to us by a fellow SLP! With all the budget cuts and spending freezes that a lot of SLP have to work through, hope this might brighten your day a bit! While at Michael's Craft Store our SLP friend found cute decks of cards in sturdy plastic cases for only .85 cents each (using 15% off teacher discount)!! That is right, you are not reading it wrong. Your eyes have not mistaken you. It really says .85 cents! The card faces have lots of /s/ and /r/ words for sea animals on one deck and there are community helpers on another deck. There are also decks with simple games (Old Maid, Go Fish, Crazy Eights) for reinforcement games. For .85 cents you would think they would be flimsy, cheap quality materials, but she mentioned that the cards are pretty sturdy with a nice coating. I am planning to head over to Michael's to give them a try. I hope they still have them for us!!