Create your own Guess Who game - Speech and Language Plus

Hello everyone! I am always on the lookout for new and inventive therapy ideas and activities. Boy did I find a good one tonight! A website called Therapy Fun Zone, at, had a blog post that I really liked.

Everyone has heard of the game Guess Who, right? If not, the game comes with two boards with a bunch of character faces on them. The two players each chooses one of the characters without the other player seeing. The goal of the game is to ask yes and no questions to guess which character your opponent has. I love using this game to work on asking and answering questions, as well as, visual and auditory discrimination through using describing words.

The post describes creating your own version of Guess Who using clothespins and a mail holder. Pictures were velcroed onto the clothespins and the children needed to ask the yes and no questions to put on/take off the clothes pins to figure out their partners character. It's just like the actual game, but you can modify it to use any pictures you choose and it increases fine motor skills needed for tasks such as writing. I LOVE this idea! Although the ideas in the original post are to increase fine motor skills, Speech Language Pathologists can use the same game concept for articulation pictures and language based concepts.

Guess Who.jpg

Visit the website above to see more about this awesome, crafty therapy tool!

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