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Happy Fourth of July to all of the Speech and Language Plus clients/families and all of our supporters! Even though it is a holiday you can still work on language skills at home with your child! Here are some topics of discussion or activities you can use relating to the Fourth of July!

  • Colors – discuss the colors people are wearing (red, white, and blue), as well as, the colors of the fireworks. You can incorporate same and different into this as well.

  • Size – talk about the fireworks. Were they big or small, large or humongous, small or extremely tiny, etc. You can incorporate same and different into this too.

  • Safety Vocabulary – perfect time to give your child a fire safety reminder lesson. Discuss and act things out. With Pinterest and TPT you can find tons of units or pictures to show your child on fire safety words too.

  • Counting – try counting the number of fireworks, people at a bbq, or people wearing red, white, or blue.

  • Letter or Sound Search – do a U S A letter hunt. See if people are wearing the U S A letters or if you can find things that start with those sounds.

  • 4th of July Art – this is a fun activity that you can incorporate listening, following directions, and concepts such as colors, positions (next to, to the left of, on top of), or shapes (a star and a stripe would be perfect).

  • 4th of July Cooking - another fun activity to do. You can incorporate listening, following directions, and concepts such as measuring, more/less, and following a sequence (first, second, next, then, after, last).

Here are just a few ideas that can make your 4th of July into a language learning experience. See how much fun your child can have without even knowing they are learning! Please share by commenting any activities you did or ideas you have.

Speech and Language Plus hopes you have a safe and extremely enjoyable day!

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