Language and Spring Break - Speech and Languge Plus

It is Spring Break here in Broward County. I am sure your children are extremely happy to be out of school, but that does not mean their learning needs to be on a halt. Everyday activities and experiences you are going to share with your children can be made into language learning opportunities. Your kids will not even know they are increasing their communication skills! Here are some examples you can try:

Make your child a part of GROCERY SHOPPING and COOKING: When shopping discuss what you will buy, why you will buy it, what you need it for, how many you need at a time, and what you might make with the purchases. You can also talk about descriptors such as color, shape, size, and smell…categorization too! Then go home and cook together! This is just one more language packed activity. Whether it be baking a dessert, fixing a snack, or cooking dinner you can talk about the five senses (what your child sees, hears, tastes, smells, and feels), sequencing, concepts of more and less, labeling, requesting, and so much more!

Make your child an active part of GOING TO THE MALL: When shopping, discuss what you see in each store. You can ask the wh- questions (who will use it, what it is used for, where you use it, when it can be used, and why someone would use it) as a game. You can also play “I spy” to work on receptive language skills! If they get a lot of game questions correct, maybe go to the food court and pick a favorite lunch item or snack item as a prize!

Make your child an active part of WATCHING TV: I know you are thinking…watching TV?? Yep, TV! I know your child will probably not want to talk during his or her shows, but take the time to watch a show with your child. Make it one you don’t know a lot about. Ask questions about the show, the characters, the events happening, or what your child thinks will happen. Many shows deal with emotions, have a problem and solution, and sequence of events that you can talk about.

These are just a few everyday tasks that you can make language packed! Also, visit to get some more ideas.

Please feel free to contact us if your child is having difficulty learning receptive or expressive language based skill. We would love to assist you!

Have a GREAT spring break!

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