The Chairs Game - Speech and Language Plus

Hello everyone! I mentioned in my previous post that sometime you can find CHEAP finds at the thrift store to use in therapy sessions. I went shopping the other day and found a GREAT one this time. It is the Chairs Game. This is a game where you stack different colored and shaped miniature chairs to make a silly chair tower. The goal is to balance them to get the stack as high and funky looking as you can. Kids need to use problem solving and visual spacial skills to make sure they place the chairs in the correct place in order to not knock down the tower.

I used the game today and the kids have loved using it during articulation sessions as a reward after producing a certain amount of articulation sounds correctly. I have not tried it yet, but I am sure they will love using them during language sessions following a correct response too. This is a great reinforcer that is easy to clean up (and clean) and is great for groups or individual therapy sessions. Check it out!

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