Mystery Activity - Speech and Language Plus

How many of you have heard of the Color Switchers Markers by Crayola? Kids love them! These markers are awesome, but I find that they can be hard to find, are a little more expensive than I want to spend, that schools do not typically buy them, or that they run out quickly when so many students are using them making you need to continuously purchase more. Try this mystery activity as a replacement! Use a white crayon on a white piece of paper. When you give the kids the paper they cannot see the text you have written. Then use a regular marker to color over it. The marker will not color over the crayon…it’s a mystery that he kids love! I hear the kids say all the time, “It is magic”! I use this for articulation all the time. I find it works best when you have defined lines so students now where to color for each word. You can use this activity for teaching colors, shapes, vocabulary words, and more. Use your imagination to take this activity to the next level! Any ideas? We at Speech and Language Plus would love to hear your idea!

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