Speech and Language Plus - Hungry Hungry Hippos

I am sure you all remember the game Hungry Hungry Hippos from your childhood. I recently heard of a modification you can make to the game to get it group therapy ready! You need to have the regular version of Hungry Hungry Hippos, not the travel size. I know the travel size is portable and self-contained, but you need to have access to the balls. On each ball you write a number with a permanent marker. I would not go higher than 10. The Hungry Hippos game is played normally, each person pushing down the black lever over and over to make the hippos mouth open to get as many balls as possible. Here is the cool therapy related part. Now the students/clients have the number of trials they need to practice their articulation words! Each ball is used for a different word being practiced. I personally do not like the number one in therapy…it is just not enough practice for me :) …so I have my kiddos add two balls together if they have a one. Why not work on a bit of math too!

This can also be used for language therapy! The numbers on the balls can indicate how many descriptors your student/client needs to provide about an object or picture, how many items to name that fit within a given category for a vocabulary lesson, or even how many words you want used in sentences.

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