Speech and Language Plus provides a vast array of assessment and therapeutic services for clients of all ages and ability levels. Our goal is to provide you with individualize speech therapy and language therapy, as well as, academic and support services that will help you reach your highest potential.  


Our assessment and therapy services are in the following areas: 

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy services and assessments include, but are not limited to address:


  • Speech sounds disorders including articulation impairments and phonological disorders

  • Apraxia of speech

  • Dysarthria

  • Fluency impairments

  • Voice disorders

  • Swallowing disorders

  • Feeding disorders

  • Oral motor deficits




Language Therapy

Language therapy services and assessment include, but are not limited to address:


  • Expressive language disorders

  • Receptive language disorders

  • Literacy difficulties including phonological awareness deficits and comprehension deficits

  • Social/pragmatic language impairments

  • Communication through assistive technology

  • Intellectual Disabilities

  • Language issues due to medical conditions or developmental conditions or disorders, including Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Selective mutism


Educational services include, but are not limited to address:


  • Reading interventions to address phonics, decoding, reading fluency, and comprehension

  • Writing interventions to address handwriting, grammar, conventions, and essay formation

  • Mathematics interventions to address number and word problems

  • Spelling difficulties

  • Learning disabilities

  • Dyslexia

Support Services

Family support services include, but are not limited to: 


  • Consultation appointments

  • Attending in person or via phone for IEP meetings

  • Attending in person or via phone for teacher conferences

  • Facilitation/Shaddowing

  • Creating (printing, laminating, velcroing) assistive communication items and visual schedules needed outside of therapy

Whether you are in need of pediatric or adolecent speech therapy, language therapy, academic services, or family support services, Speech and Language Plus looks forward to hearing from
you to begin our journey together!  
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